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Arizona Avenue Improvements, Frye Road to Pecos Road

Chandler’s New Front Door

Updated May 7, 2018

  • Crews are completing their primary work on the west side of Arizona Avenue, between Frye Road and Pecos Road, with traffic shifted to the east during this work.  On-street parking is not permitted in this area to be able to accommodate two lanes of travel in each direction with a center turn lane during construction.
  • Scheduled for the week of May 7, work will begin on the EAST side of Arizona Avenue.  To prepare for this shift to the east side, scheduled for Sunday, May 6, crews will remove existing striping and apply temporary striping to Arizona Avenue. Scheduled for the night of Monday, May 7, traffic control will be adjusted to shift traffic to the WEST side of Arizona Avenue for work to begin on the east side.  The contractor will work to maintain two lanes of travel in each direction with a center turn lane during this work; however, there may be short-term periods where additional restrictions are needed. 
  • Scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 8, crews will conduct removals on the east side of Arizona Avenue, from Frye Road to Pecos Road.  This will include asphalt, concrete, street light poles and foundations, and some landscape areas. During this work, access to businesses for vehicles, pedestrians and customers will be maintained.  Further coordination will take place as work directly in front of the businesses needs to take place to ensure patrons and customers have appropriate access.
  • Landscape crews will continue work to complete placing decomposed granite on the west side of Arizona Avenue.  Landscape plantings for the west side of Arizona Avenue will be installed concurrently with landscape on the east side of Arizona Avenue to maximize efficiency, ensure plantings look similar in growth and height, and to optimize the potential for successful growth after the summer heat. 
  • Construction on the east side of Arizona Avenue is scheduled to take 3-4 months to complete, followed by median island installation in the center of the road and final paving. Waterline installation in Frye Road is currently scheduled to begin June 2018 to accommodate the school’s summer break. Project completion is scheduled for October 2018.
  • Thank you for your patience during construction!


Project Hotline 480-898-4060

Public Outreach

A public design kick-off meeting was held in November 2016 with interested businesses and residents to identify issues and opportunities for this segment of Arizona Avenue for the design team to consider during their analysis and design development for the corridor. In March 2017, a second public meeting was held once again with interested businesses and residents to view the revised design concept in consideration of the comments received at the design kick-off meeting.  Click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the public meeting.  Click here for the proposed layout exhibit from the public meeting.